Editor’s note (14 Oct, 2015): More and more of us are digging into our wallets to dine at restaurants, according to research. To get you in and out of your favorite establishment with your budget intact, we’ve brought back one of our most-popular 90 Second Financial Fixes.

Too tired to cook? Too busy to shop? Just go out for dinner. That’s what many of us say two, three, even five times a week.

Yet the cost of restaurant dining can shrink your budget as quickly as it increases your waist size. Eating out just once a week in Tokyo will set you back more than 260,000 yen ($2,500) a year for just one person. In New York, expect to shell out more than $4,000.

To learn the secrets of getting a nice meal, even a glass of wine, for less, columnist Kelsey Hubbard cornered restaurant experts. Click ‘play’ on the arrow above to learn how to slice 80% off your dinner budget, ways to work Happy Hour to your advantage, and much more.

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