Money can’t buy you love, supposedly, although it could perhaps buy you a mansion in the Bahamas. 

Still, even a stunning villa with sea views isn’t everyone’s idea of the best way to use a sudden windfall. What would you do with a large sum of cash?

We went to question and answer site, Quora, to discover the best thing that money can buy.

For Gustavo Freitas the answer was simple. Money buys you “alternatives”, he wrote. For example, it allows you to build your own business and help a lot of people. “Entrepreneurship is amazing! This is why I feel powerful and pleasant (about) having money.”

“Time,” wrote Eivind Kjorstad, “You can generally choose to pay extra to avoid dealing with those aspects of life that you find tedious, boring or offensive.”
This leaves you with more time for activities that are meaningful and fun, Kjorstad said. “The most obvious example is that if there's something else you'd rather be doing in the hours you currently work, you could stop doing that.”

For Ron Lum, money can buy you peace of mind. While that isn’t something that can be bought, it is more readily available when you have enough money in the bank. “The opposite is also true: when you don't have money around, you're always thinking about where your money will be coming from for bills and you're forced to work more hours or find another job in order to make ends meet. That causes worry, stress, insomnia, despair,” he wrote. Lum believes this stress traverses all socioeconomic groups. “A single mother working multiple jobs to raise her kids will have as little peace of mind as a high-salary celebrity who tries to live too rich a lifestyle.” 

Looking further afield, Rajat Bhageria voted for ability to travel. “Quite frankly, humans aren't evolutionarily supposed to spend most of their time stuck inside their homes; they are supposed to be exploring and hunting,” he wrote. Bhageria listed Egypt, New Zealand, Alaska and India as must-visit destinations, adding that the possibilities to travel, learn more about other cultures and simply be human are “much more open if you have money.”

The desires of Margaret Weiss, however, were closer to home. Regardless of your marital status or number of dependents, “you must, absolutely must, get a personal chef and a housekeeper,” she wrote.

Weiss said that returning home to a healthy meal prepared by someone else to your exact preferences, and a clean house (with the laundry done, ironed and neatly organised, “are the best things that a person can experience.” She added: “Don't discount this just because it comes from a married female who would give anything to have this — some relationships get broken because of daily disagreements about the housework.”

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