Climate change was again a big topic at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos.

BBC Capital columnist and corporate governance expert Lucy Marcus asked attendees at a private dinner hosted by the New York Times's Tom Friedman what they think is next for climate change prevention efforts, be it moves in business or government. From taking clean energy to the next level, replacing even more electric power with solar, to empowering companies and investors to come up with new low-carbon initiatives, to the outcome of a recent climate action plan that came out of the December Paris climate conference, where a plan was developed and ratified by 195 countries to limit global warming, there was plenty to say.

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Marcus spoke to, among others, representatives of China-based Trina Solar Ltd, which manufactures solar modules and systems; the Carbon Disclosure Project, a nonprofit that has developed a system to measure, manage and share carbon output information from 60 countries; and We Mean Business, a coalition of organisations, companies and investors working on initiatives to help the world transition to lower carbon output.

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Lucy Marcus is an award-winning writer, board chair and non-executive director of several organisations. She is also the CEO of Marcus Venture Consulting. Follow her Davos coverage for BBC Capital here and on Twitter @LucyMarcus.