Meet the CEO who says he has no problem leaping out of bed on a Monday.

Julian Warowioff, managing director of fair trade drinks firm Lemonaid Beverages, is upbeat about potential for businesses to rapidly drive social change.

The mission that drives us is not the profit

Originally set up in Germany, the company is now selling both its brands, Lemonaid and ChariTea, in the UK. The firm sources all of its ingredients from social enterprises such as farms in Mexico, Paraguay, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

The company requires high-quality ingredients but also insists that its producers are fairly paid. Warowioff said the firms refuses to squeeze its growers for supplying its juice ingredients.

Having “fire for the business” is what drives Warowioff out of bed, “because I’ve seen myself what in fact the product does”, he said. “The mission that drives us is not the profit, or growth of the business just for the business’ sake but pursuing a social initiative.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Lemonaid’s plans to expand.

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