The city where licence plates can be worth millions

In Dubai, wealthy drivers splurge on making their licence plates unique – and even compete for rare number combinations in auction.

Dubai and “luxury” often go hand in hand: the country has historically been considered a haven for rich expats. Its social media influencers include loaded teens showing off celebrity run-ins and exotic pets in their Instagram posts.

For some living in the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, yet another glitzy go-to is a fairly surprising one – not flashy cars, but licence plates for those flashy cars. (Don’t worry, the cars themselves are still super flashy.)

For example, 35-year-old car collector Mohammad Almarzouqi spends big bucks on special licence plates with specific numbers on them that give his fleet of vehicles a more personal touch. (He has a soft spot for the number 8.) He’s not the only one, either – some such licence plates go to auction, where they sell for millions.

Additional editing by Sebastian Diaz and Bernadette Young.


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