This man wants to get rid of the office for good

As part of our Bright Sparks series, we asked the leaders of today to highlight some of the biggest challenges that the leaders of tomorrow can help to address. According to tech entrepreneur Clark Valberg, one of those challenges is to decentralise office spaces, creating a new system where remote work is the norm.

It's never been easier to work remotely. Communication technology is instant, file-sharing tools are seamless and wifi is everywhere. So why do most businesses around the world still insist their employees work from a central office?

Clark Valberg, CEO of design software company InVision, has made it his mission to modernise the workplace... by eliminating it altogether. Invision - which is used by all Fortune 100 companies - employs 850 around the world with no home office. It is likely the largest all-remote tech company, a flagship for the increasingly possible future of work.

A decentralised workforce now allows employers to access "passionate talent anywhere in the world irrespective of any geographic boundary," Valberg says, but implies "a renewed respect for the need for people to have a door that closes."


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