BBC Worldwide sells Joe & Caspar Hit the Road to UK Channel E4

After such a successful DVD, we’re thrilled that Joe and Caspar will be reaching a new audience on TV.Paul Hembury, Executive Producer BBC Worldwide
Date: 31.03.2016     Last updated: 31.03.2016 at 17.21
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Following the huge success on DVD in 2015, BBC Worldwide today announce their first TV deal for Joe and Caspar Hit the Road. The feature length film will air on E4 in April 2016 after striking a deal with Channel 4. Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee will be making their first ever debut appearance at MIPTV 2016.

Made by the production team behind BBC Worldwide’s Top Gear special commissions, Joe & Caspar Hit the Road will see Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee hit the road on an epic European adventure as Joe challenges his flatmate to survive the trip using only the money they can earn each day. The twosome - who have over 11 million YouTube subscribers and over a billion total video views between them – will be offering themselves up for employment in a series of unusual tasks such as learning to be gondoliers in Venice, working as deckhands on a superyacht, and performing on Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas.

Paul Hembury, Executive Producer BBC Worldwide, says: “after such a successful DVD, we’re thrilled that Joe and Caspar will be reaching a new audience on TV.”

In the follow up to their record breaking DVD release in 2015, the intrepid duo are now set to take America by storm in a second commission between BBC Worldwide  and Raucous Productions called “Joe & Caspar Hit The Road: USA”.

Joe and Caspar are upping the ante, with a new bigger and braver road trip across the United States. This time the boys will travel 2,000 miles competing against each other on a bigger scale, but can they really earn their stars and stripes with the challenges they face along the way? From American footballers and ranch hands, to astronauts and muscle men, who will be crowned the all-American winner of Hit The Road USA.

Joe Sugg says: “We don’t know how it happened, but it’s happening! Yee-hah!"

Caspar Lee says: "I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with my friend Joe on this exciting new project and can’t wait to get back on the road. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and it is an honour to be able to do it again… but this time even bigger, oh yehhh!”



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About Joe Sugg

From the West Country, Joe spent most of his adult life thatching roofs until his very recent move to London to pursue a career as a full time YouTuber. His dedication to making great, creative content shines through and explains his quickly growing YouTube audience. Joe has worked with brands such as Skype, Coca-Cola and O2 and has a real passion for presenting – he has presented live for Got to Dance and most recently did voiceover for the new SpongeBob film. His debut graphic novel was released in September 2015.



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About Caspar Lee

Caspar is a 20 year old social media sensation. He entertains millions with his original brand of comedy and life observation in hilarious self-produced videos. As well as writing his own scripts, Caspar has a passion for acting. He travels between South Africa, LA and London and has an OBSESSION with pizza. His debut novel will be released in May 2016.





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