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Why are the final episodes of some series beloved and others reviled? There may be a formula for the ideal ending, writes Jennifer Keishin Armstrong.

The UK general election signals a change of key – while rock stars are becoming apathetic, pop is speaking out, writes Mark Beaumont.

Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard star in a dark new adaptation of ‘the Scottish play’. Nicholas Barber takes a look from the Cannes Film Festival.

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Beatrice Gibson

Explore the best film, art and music events around the globe.

An exhibition of 20th Century beachwear reveals how social, sexual and cultural attitudes to bodies have evolved – through swimwear. Libby Banks finds out more.

A new book reveals the country in a different light. Photographer Stefano Cerio tells BBC Culture about recreational paradises hidden by smog.

From ‘heelgate’ to the Palm Dog to the ‘Dad bod’ – it’s been a dizzying 12 days. Here are some lessons from the film festival as it draws to a close.

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