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BBC Culture picks nine top films coming out next month, including a thriller starring Kirsten Dunst and the Sin City sequel.

From the silent era to Team America: World Police, Christian Blauvelt reveals the films that challenged conventions and courted scandal.

A cover of a Queen song using only onscreen shrieks has gone viral this week. BBC Culture checks out film expressions of agony – and ecstasy.

A new book rounds up the world’s edgiest 3D printing projects. Here are 10 of the best, including a pen that draws in midair and furniture made from human ash.

Woody Allen’s new film takes place on the French Riviera and stars Colin Firth. Is it just escapism for grown-ups? Film critic Owen Gleiberman takes a look.

An actor halted a play in London this week, concerned about an audience member and his mobile phone. Is it time to bring in strict rules for theatregoers?

Cultural Calendar

Karly by Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Explore the best film, art and music events around the globe.

It’s nearly 25 years since David Lynch brought his vision of small-town kooks and serial murder to TV screens. BBC Culture serves up a cherry pie filled with it

Design Icons

Natalie Wood (Rex Features)

Why the miniskirt – a symbol of 1960s youth culture – endures to this day

As a festival in London celebrates the art of love poetry, Lucy Scholes discovers how writers around the world express emotions through verse.

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