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The nation promises “merciless retaliation” against the filmmakers behind The Interview. What’s so threatening about this film? Simon Fowler takes a look.

From Disney’s Song of the South to the Karen Carpenter biopic staged entirely with Barbie dolls, some movies have proved too controversial to be seen.

Festivals celebrating the great writer take place every year, from Texas to Mumbai to Holland. What makes him so attractive, all these years after his death?

It’s the country’s best-loved film, but after 75 years, has Gone with the Wind stood the test of time? Nicholas Barber watches it again and is perplexed.

For reclusive authors such as JD Salinger, shying away from publicity has never harmed book sales. Lucy Scholes peeks into a secretive literary phenomenon.

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Face in the Crowd, Alex Prager, Lehmann Maupin

Explore the best film, art and music events around the globe.

As Peter Jackson brings his Middle Earth saga to a close, Nicholas Barber asks whether The Battle of the Five Armies is worthwhile or unnecessary.

As the ground-breaking American series turns 25, Stephen Dowling reflects on the revolutionary style of comedy its writers introduced.

A new book reveals 50 distinctive terms from around the world, including a Swedish word meaning ‘the road-like reflection of the moon on water’.

The Godfather Part II, which turns 40 on 12 December, is widely considered to be better than the original. It’s just one of many that deserve major respect.

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