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A new documentary follows a group of young environmentalists as they campaign from a fishing boat. Its director tells Tom Brook about ‘mystics and mechanics’.

A new book offers ways of understanding our era. Its authors list ten terms from their glossary, including ‘de-selfing’, ‘time snack’ and ‘Detroitus’.

The District 9 director returns with another sci-fi film, this time about artificial intelligence. But it’s the film that lacks a brain, says Owen Gleiberman.

A new album features a 1975 recording by Leonard Nimoy. Based on a short story about a nuclear holocaust, it is both chilling and oddly soothing.

We crunched the numbers and used historical data to pit classic groups against each other. Who is the greatest? Let the debate begin.

A poll once revealed that in the US, To Kill a Mockingbird rivals The Bible in popularity. University student Henry Knight explores why it appeals to the young.

The Italian fashion week was full of fresh ideas – and a sense of fun. That makes a refreshing change from previous years, writes Susie Lau.

Kazuo Ishiguro returns with his first novel in a decade – a fantasy set in Britain after King Arthur’s fall. But is it any good? Lucy Scholes gives her verdict.

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