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Legendary paparazzo Ron Galella was assaulted by film stars and sued by Jackie Onassis. Two new books reveal the stories behind his candid snaps.

The votes were tallied and today the nominations have been released. But voters of the Academy Awards have made some major oversights in the past.

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf falls out of copyright in Germany at the end of 2015. What will happen when authorities can no longer control its publication?

The HBO series Looking is one of the most revolutionary depictions of gay life ever on TV – that’s because it makes it totally ordinary, writes Keith Uhlich.

From pre-historic times to the present day, music has been constantly developing. BBC Culture picks eight moments that changed the course of its history.

Back to the Future Part II was set in 2015 – but how accurate was its vision? Nicholas Barber takes a look at how filmmakers tackle tomorrow’s world.

More than 60 years ago Marlon Brando epitomized cool with his motorcycle get-up in The Wild One. It’s a look that’s never gone out of style, writes Dylan Jones.

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