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For World Theatre Day, we asked readers to name their favourite playhouses. These are the ones you love for their beauty and for the memories they hold.

From Samuel Pepys to Bridget Jones, the private journal combines the mundane with the confessional. Lucy Scholes reveals why the diary still fascinates readers.

In honour of World Poetry Day, BBC Culture asked readers for their favourite poems about work, birth, death and sex. Here’s what you chose.

With an equinox and a solar eclipse, it’s a big day for celestial events. Don your headphones and lie back with a pick of the finest sky-gazing songs.

The late Paul Walker’s final installment of the Fast & Furious franchise opens soon in cinemas – but it may make you carsick, writes critic Nicholas Barber.

The story of how a group of aging Cuban musicians became famous as the Buena Vista Social Club is one of music’s best. Peter Culshaw describes a passing era.

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