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Male actors from Marlon Brando to Robert Downey Jr often burn brightly but briefly before falling on hard times. Here’s how they turn failure into success.

BBC Culture picks eight of the week’s most eye-catching pictures, including a death metal group in a cube and models in balaclavas at Barcelona Fashion Week.

When Elvis recorded his first single 60 years ago a star – and a myth – were born. But why has his legend endured for so long? Dylan Jones looks back.

Norwegians have a word that means ‘to sit outside on a sunny day enjoying a beer’. BBC Culture meets an artist fascinated by languages’ unique terms.

The week’s best arts and culture reads – including the myth of the lone genius debunked, classical music’s dark secret and a guide to how to read Proust.

From England’s medieval knights to Magnum, PI and Movember – Lucinda Hawksley charts the changing fashions of the hirsute upper lip.

The civil rights movement is most often recalled through speeches, songs and photos – but what about its art? Nick Bryant looks back.

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