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After events like the World Cup or Olympics, massive sports arenas are often abandoned. But they can be repurposed to benefit society, Jonathan Glancey argues.

A new book picks out the 100 greatest noirs, from silent films to modern movies like Drive. But what are the defining elements of Hollywood’s dark side?

A raft of recent life stories has triumphed at the box office but there have also been spectacular flops. Tom Brook finds out why some succeed and others fail.

A cover of a Queen song using only onscreen shrieks has gone viral this week. BBC Culture checks out film expressions of agony – and ecstasy.

It’s nearly 25 years since David Lynch brought his vision of small-town kooks and serial murder to TV screens. BBC Culture serves up a cherry pie filled with it

Sandra Ng made her name in a gangster film and went on to star as a prostitute in a comedy franchise. Tom Brook reports on the boundary-pushing actor.

BBC Culture picks nine top films coming out next month, including a thriller starring Kirsten Dunst and the Sin City sequel.

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