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What makes a word profane, and how does cursing vary from place to place? James Harbeck explains. Warning: contains very strong language.

Ahead of a huge retrospective at MoMA in New York, the exhibition’s curator looks back at the work of a truly unique artist.

The District 9 director returns with another sci-fi film, this time about artificial intelligence. But it’s the film that lacks a brain, says Owen Gleiberman.

The Italian fashion week was full of fresh ideas – and a sense of fun. That makes a refreshing change from previous years, writes Susie Lau.

Kazuo Ishiguro returns with his first novel in a decade – a fantasy set in Britain after King Arthur’s fall. But is it any good? Lucy Scholes gives her verdict.

A new documentary follows a group of young environmentalists as they campaign from a fishing boat. Its director tells Tom Brook about ‘mystics and mechanics’.

A new book offers ways of understanding our era. Its authors list ten terms from their glossary, including ‘de-selfing’, ‘time snack’ and ‘Detroitus’.

A new album features a 1975 recording by Leonard Nimoy. Based on a short story about a nuclear holocaust, it is both chilling and oddly soothing.

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