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The teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just been released. What does it reveal about the movie that is the biggest mystery in Hollywood?

BBC Culture picks ten top films coming out next month, including the latest Hobbit and The Interview, a Seth Rogen comedy officially condemned by North Korea.

The documentary Stations of the Elevated shows the birth of New York’s graffiti movement. Tom Brook interviews the man who helped raise vandalism to an artform.

A new exhibition by Chris Ofili has been greeted with rapturous praise – where once he was highly controversial. What’s changed? Alastair Sooke explains.

From the humble madeleine to the epic banquet, food and festivities have provided some of literature’s most memorable moments. Hephzibah Anderson tucks in.

Few pop culture memes are as successful or recognisable as Grumpy Cat. But do they spell the end for the traditional film star? Peter Bowes reports.

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