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We crunched the numbers and used historical data to pit classic groups against each other. Who is the greatest? Let the debate begin.

A poll once revealed that in the US, To Kill a Mockingbird rivals The Bible in popularity. University student Henry Knight explores why it appeals to the young.

Susie Lau reports from Milan Fashion Week, where Prada’s subverted femininity and Moschino’s ‘80s nostalgia were the order of the day.

Egon Schiele’s portraits of his muse and love Wally Neuzil are among the artist’s most famous works – but who was she really? Kimberly Bradley investigates.

The musical story of the von Trapp family continues to delight audiences 50 years on. But what makes The Sound of Music endure? Nicholas Barber finds out.

The pinnacle of Aztec architecture was the Templo Mayor, a vast religious building – with a blood-soaked history. Jonathan Glancey investigates.

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