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Live television broadcasts like last year’s The Sound of Music in the US are drawing massive ratings. Why is this oldest type of TV making such a comeback?

Soaring above Barcelona, Antoni Gaudí’s church will become the world’s tallest when it is finally finished. But is it the world's most controversial?

Boris Grebenshikov is loved by educated Russians – and prefers poetry to protest. But recent events in the country have caused the singer a change of heart.

It’s 20 years since Underworld released their groundbreaking LP, Dubnobasswithmyheadman. But what made it so influential? Andrew Harrison looks back.

Lisa Squirrel explains how the visually impaired can have rich experiences of paintings and sculpture – and why they may be deeper than those of sighted people.

Artist Alex Chinneck turns buildings into incredible optical illusions, making them float and sit upside down. BBC Culture discovers his architectural magic.

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