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Dutch inventor and artist Theo Jansen is bringing his Strandbeests to Miami. How did the creatures evolve to walk by themselves?

The Bad Sex Award represents a very British squeamishness and humour about erotic literature. Is it missing the point? Lucy Scholes investigates.

If you’re seeking ideas for the cultured, style-savvy woman in your life, look no further. From glamorous faux fur to the ultimate iPad case, it’s all here.

Faux fur, floral trainers and a classic gothic novel – just a few of the things a culture-loving, fashion-following young woman might want this Christmas.

Need ideas for what to give this holiday season? From tricky teens to picky parents, there are ideas for all culture-loving family members in our gift guide.

Ideas for the stylish, culture-loving chap, from a cool camera and classic literary thriller to an arty umbrella and the ultimate luxury scarf.

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