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In Love & Mercy, the Beach Boy’s life is given similar treatment to Bob Dylan’s in I’m Not There. Owen Gleiberman gives his verdict.

The Act of Killing challenged viewers with its unsettling look at Indonesian death squads. Its sequel is powerful, but it can be hard to watch, says Tom Brook.

Literature from other languages makes up just two or three per cent of English publishers’ output – why is the figure so low? Hephzibah Anderson investigates.

The comedian directs a drama about a journalist who was imprisoned in Iran after he appeared on The Daily Show. Critic Owen Gleiberman gives it five stars.

Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo are wrestlers menaced by Steve Carell in Foxcatcher, the movie some say could sweep the Oscars. Owen Gleiberman gives his view.

Cute and quaint are all the rage in the fashion world – and in popular culture. Lindsay Baker explains why.

Michael Winterbottom’s movie about the media circus surrounding the death of Meredith Kercher is the subject of BBC Culture’s final Toronto Film Festival chat.

New York designers are mixing up their shows with elaborate staging and bold new directions – but do the clothes play second fiddle? Susie Lau reports.

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