Known simply as the Laneways, this festival started from modest beginnings in 2004 in Australia – at St Jerome’s Bar in Melbourne Caledonian Lane – where new bands would play on Sunday afternoons. This soon developed into a popular event, and before long the organisers decided to attempt to close off the Lane, put on some bands outdoors, and throw a laneway party. 1,400 people turned up to the packed event - this was the beginning of the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

From its back-alley roots, the festival has fast developed into a huge, touring event, featuring international acts as well as local talent. It launched in Singapore in 2011 at Canning Park, and although it poured with rain throughout (and was jokingly described by some as “Rainway”), it was a resounding success, attracting crowds from all over Asia. In 2014 the festival will take place in the Meadow at Gardens by the Bay.