The red carpet is rolled out in Cannes

Numbers that make the Cannes Film Festival add up

The numbers that add up to big glamour at the film festival, from yachts and limousines to the price of a beer and a luxury hotel room.

How many yachts, limousines, films, guests, grams of gold and performing dogs does it take to make a film festival? As Cannes approaches, we take you down the famous stairs of the Palais des Festivals and through the numbers that make it one of the world's most glamorous competitions.

Cannes is an annual festival of film, glamour and luxury – but how do the figures add up? To answer the question we have sifted through the statistics, and created this graphic of the ceremony’s famous red-carpeted staircase.

Who goes to Cannes? Who is banned? What is the most expensive hotel room - and who has stayed there? And where are you definitely not allowed to wear your bikini?

Take a walk down the famous red-carpeted staircase and discover all of these and more intriguing filmic facts and figures.

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