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Cannes 2013: Occupy Cannes and Blood Ties

BBC Culture meets Troma films’ Lloyd Kaufman, in Cannes to make a provocative documentary about independent media – and meets director Guillaume Canet and star Clive Owen to discuss Canet’s English-language debut, Blood Ties.

The noisy contingent from B-movie studio Troma is an unusual sight amid the glamour and high fashion of the film festival. In costumes that recall the studio’s bad taste classics like The Toxic Avenger and Redneck Zombies, Troma’s rabble-rousers are in Cannes to promote their documentary, Occupy Cannes. The studio says the demonstrations and media stunts aim to highlight “the disparity in opportunity between mega-media conglomerates & independent artists”.

Blood Ties is the English-language debut of director Guillaume Canet, who had a hit with the 2006 French thriller, Tell No One. BBC Culture meets him and star, Clive Owen to discuss the film, a tough crime drama set in New York in the 1970s.

BBC Culture features regular video reports from Cannes throughout the festival.

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