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Cannes 2013: Only God Forgives

BBC Culture speaks to Kristin Scott Thomas about playing against type in Only God Forgives – and hears differing critical reactions to the controversial film.

The British-born, Paris-based actor is best known for playing genteel parts in movies like The English Patient and Four Weddings and a Funeral, or classy characters in French art house films.

But in Only God Forgives, she plays the foul-mouthed, bleach-blonde head of a vast criminal organisation, hell-bent on vengeance for her son’s death. BBC Culture caught up with Kristin Scott Thomas to discuss her latest role.

The film has divided critics, drawing condemnation from some reviewers and glowing reports from others. Is the film really “hollow, empty, insincere [and] pretentious” as Sight & Sound’s editor, Nick James claims? BBC Culture hears contrasting critical views.

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