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What did international visitors make of Glastonbury?

  • Michael Dean from Denmark

    "I’ve come from Copenhagen. I just think it’s the best music festival in the world. It has a great variety of acts. I think it has a tradition festival spirit that can’t be found anywhere else. Roskilde in Denmark is definitely comparable – it happens the week after Glastonbury and has a lot of the same acts – but the crowd is very different. It doesn’t have the hippie culture or the spiritualty of Glastonbury."

  • Liv Ellen Aasen (right) from Norway

    "My friends have come for many years so we tried to get tickets and we were so lucky to get tickets through friends. This is my first time here. I love everything about it, even the rain! What hit me first was the atmosphere - the good vibrations everywhere. I'm excited about seeing the Rolling Stones, obviously."

  • Matthew Weiner (centre) from the USA

    “I’m from Los Angeles, California. We came to mainland Europe about two weeks ago, arriving in Warsaw, Poland and have been travelling around Europe. Our trip is based around going to Glastonbury though. This is the first time I’ve been to Glastonbury and to Europe. We’ve done a lot of festivals in California and we’ve heard this is the best one. We’ve been trying to get tickets for a long time and we got lucky. We’re excited about seeing The Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons and everyone in between. We were standing up on the hill the other night and we didn’t know how to explain it to eachother – the atmosphere is absolutely amazing.”

  • James Malone from Australia

    "I'm from Brisbane, Queensland. It's my first time ever at Glastonbury. We brought the kids over and my wife and I have taken a couple of days off to enjoy the festival. It's really relaxing, especially with the sunshine."

  • Bastiaan van de Rakt and Hilde Schellekens from the Netherlands

    "We're from Delft and Amsterdam. We started to cycle in the Netherlands. We cycled to Santiago in Spain. Then we rented a car and drove the rest of the way. We arrived in Portsmouth and then cycled to Glastonbury. This is our first time. I [Bastian] had been to a few festivals in the Netherlands and Denmark but everyone says Glastonbury is the one to come to. It's amazing, you don't even need the performances. Everyone is lovely and friendly and having a good time."

  • Brian and Kelsey Merritt from the USA

    "We're from California. We're here on our honeymoon. We love music festivals in America. Brian found this one a few years ago - it's the holy grail of festivals - and the biggest. It's bigger than festivals back home and everyone is nicer. The food is fabulous. We got our funk out to Chic last night and we're excited about The Rolling Stones."

  • Stuart Robinson from Australia

    "I've come all the way from the Gold Coast, Australia. I arrived about two weeks ago. I've been to Glastonbury several times, I've lost count how many. Nostalgia has brought me here - and it's one of the best this year."

  • Clement Bras from France

    "I come from Meribel in the Alps. I came for the first time, four years ago. I'm joining my girlfriend who works in the Green Fields. Glastonbury is like a bubble apart from the world. I'm going to see The Rolling Stones just so that I can see them one time in my life."