JFK assassination: New film tells a different story

JFK’s assassination has been dramatised many times on screen. But now a new movie tells the story of the ordinary people caught up in the tragedy. Tom Brook reports.

It was a murder that shook America – and became a rich source for debate, conspiracy theories and artistic interpretation. As the 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy’s shooting draws near, a new film about the tragic events, called Parkland, is being released.

The movie, which was co-produced by Tom Hanks, tells the story from the perspective of the ordinary people who were caught up in the action – including the staff at the Parkland hospital, where Kennedy was rushed.

Teen heartthrob Zac Efron stars as one of the doctors who treated Kennedy, and Jacki Weaver plays Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother. Paul Giamatti plays Dallas businessman Abraham Zapruder, who was filming the presidential motorcade with his home movie camera when the fateful shots were fired.

The film, which premiered at the Venice film festival, has polarised audiences – with some accusing the filmmakers of cashing in on the anniversary of JFK’s death. Tom Brook talks with Parkland’s director, Peter Landesman and its stars, Giamatti and Weaver, to find out more.

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