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Art of Noise: Photographer captures colour explosions

  • Charlie Parker, Ornithology

    Sonic is the latest project by German photographer Martin Klimas. Paint is put on top of a speaker and then music is played at full volume – creating explosions of colour. (Photo: Martin Klimas)

  • Daft Punk, Around The World

    Klimas chooses percussive music from a range of genres, including jazz, classical, rock and dance. (Photo: Martin Klimas)

  • Prince, Sign O’ The Times

    The camera captures the bubbling paint using very fast shutter speeds. (Photo: Martin Klimas)

  • Kraftwerk, Transistor

    “So many artists have worked with music but I never saw work that answered my main question: ‘What does music look like itself?’” Klimas said in a 2012 interview. (Photo: Martin Klimas)

  • Richard Wagner, Ride of the Valkyries

    The project allows the viewer to compare the ‘look’ of different pieces of music – with the work of German composer Richard Wagner being particularly dynamic. (Photo: Martin Klimas)

  • Pink Floyd, Time

    The vivid, action-packed photographs Klimas has created have been likened by some critics to the pioneering work of high-speed photography legend Harold Edgerton. (Photo: Martin Klimas)

  • Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

    The Düsseldorf-based photographer has previously created high-speed photography projects based around breaking porcelain and, in another, silk scarves falling to the ground. (Photo: Martin Klimas)

  • The Velvet Underground and Nico, Run Run Run

    Klimas’s Sonic opened this week at the Foley Gallery in New York and will run until 3 November. (Photo: Martin Klimas)

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