Technology allows filmmakers to tell new stories

A range of exciting ‘transmedia’ films at the New York Film Festival explore how cinema can intersect with gaming, social and other media. Tom Brook reports.

The New York Film Festival’s innovative Convergence programme displayed a variety of projects in which narratives emerge through multiple formats and platforms.

Cloud Chamber Mystery is billed as part film, part game, part social network – and its creators think this new type of filmmaking can go deeper than traditional cinema storytelling.

Charlie Victor Romeo is a 3D offering which depicts six real-life aeroplane emergencies. The actors utter the actual words spoken by cabin crew members as recorded by the planes’ black boxes.

And another project takes filmmaking out of the cinema altogether and into the lavatories of Lincoln Center, where the film festival has been taking place. Consoles have been installed displaying part of an immersive documentary called The Empire Project, an exploration of Dutch colonialism. The interruption of a private space mirrors the invasiveness of imperialism.

Tom Brook meets the filmmakers behind all three works.

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