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Young and gifted: Christmas present ideas for teen boys

  • Mix it up

    Described as ‘the party in your hands’, the Pokket Mixer is a mobile, mini music mixer – perfect for the budding DJ in your life. Made in Berlin, the sleek device needs no battery – just plug in two audio devices (mobile phone, MP3-player, anything with a headset output), connect to your sound system, and you’re ready to mix.

  • Cool yule

    Palace is a young British skateboard and skatewear company that is unfailingly cool and therefore a safe option for those teen boys in the know about these things. This Regal Eagle design is one of their most sought-after boards.

  • Future shock

    Teenagers love a dystopian tale – just look at the success of The Hunger Games. So why not treat them to the original and arguably the best − Aldous Huxley’s masterpiece, Brave New World − first published in 1932. The iconic novel − inhabited by human clones − is brilliant, shocking and prescient, and the Folio edition features stunning illustrations by Finn Dean.

  • Sound choice

    For those of a macabre inclination, the AeroSkull speaker system and MP3-dock may be the perfect gift. Created by Jarre Technologies (which was founded by musician Jean-Michel Jarre, he of Vangelis fame), the skull houses two 15-Watt speakers hidden inside the sunglasses, with a 40-Watt sub woofer covering the back. The 11 different colours are bright and cheerful, at least.

  • Back to the future

    The backpack is a teen staple, and Mi-Pac is one of the brands beloved by skaters and surfers everywhere. Choose from a huge variety of colours, styles and fabrics, including this Nordic Blue design.

  • Sphere of influence

    These tiny OYO Ballo portable speakers are ultra-handy in size but pack a punch with their sound. Made of aluminium and plastic, they are compatible with most audio devices.

  • Put a ring on it

    Middle Earth fanatics, look no further. If they enjoyed the movies, they will love to own the set of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The three parts − The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King − make up a timeless classic, and there is a wide variety of deluxe and paperback editions out there.

  • Case study

    Vans, the classic skate-shoe brand, is popular with the young as well as old-timers and dad-skaters. Now, Vans accessories and clothing are increasingly popular, including their smart tablet cases that are padded and come with a touch-sensitive display protector.