Documentary films flourish in 2013

There was a bumper crop of fact-based films in 2013. Talking Movies’ Tom Brook finds out why they – and in particular, documentaries − had a vintage year.

2013 will go down as a year where fact-based films flourished, whether they were feature films based on real events or documentaries.

The number of documentary films made has increased – at the Cannes Film Festival market, the share of documentaries seeking distribution has doubled in the past five years.

New technology had enabled many more films to be made – but distribution remains a challenge.  However, online platforms are enabling documentary filmmakers to access an audience eager and willing to pay to see their work.

Talking Movies’ Tom Brook discusses the medium with some of this year’s filmmakers −  Lucy Walker, director of The Crash Reel, Matt Wolf, director of Teenage and Jehane Noujaim, the Egyptian-American filmmaker who made The Square, set in Cairo during the political upheaval of recent years.

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