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Arts and culture: The week in pictures

  • Honour and glory

    The Key of Hope Choir from Durban, South Africa performs a tribute to Nelson Mandela at Detroit’s Music Hall. The mayor of the US city declared 15 December to be Nelson Mandela Day. (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press/Mandi Wright)

  • The myth aquatic

    At the Welles Park swimming pool in Chicago, vocalists perform in a boat during a rehearsal of Orpheus & Euridice for the Chicago Opera Theater. The performance takes place in and around a swimming pool and is sung in English. (Reuters/Jim Young)

  • Pin cushion

    At the Royal College of Art’s graduate fashion show in London, a model wears what appears to be a very uncomfortable design by Maiko Takeda. (Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)

  • Fishbowl

    The sculpture Cloud Gate, commonly referred to by locals as The Bean, reflects the Chicago skyline. (Reuters/Jim Young)

  • High maintenance

    A statue at England’s Yorkshire Sculpture Park gets an early morning scrubdown by a member of staff. (Lynne Cameron/PA Wire)

  • Staring back

    The ‘70s Art in Rome exhibition in Italy’s capital has brought together 100 artists to display works conjuring the advances and excesses of the Me Decade. Among them is sculptor Giulio Paolini, whose Mimesis imagines a dialogue between two ancient Roman sculptures. (AFP Photo/Gabriel Bouys)

  • Skating to death

    Another sculpture at the ‘70s Art in Rome exhibit, called Time, Error, Space, shows the skeleton of a man on roller skates holding a leash to the skeleton of his dog. (AFP Photo/Gabriel Bouys)

  • Bar (dress) code

    The ‘70s Art in Rome exhibit also includes some minimalist designs like such as these Mondrian-style stripes. Even the decade’s foray into simplicity has to be brightly-coloured, of course. (AFP/Getty Images/Gabriel Bouys)

  • Sharp objects

    A spiky piece of art dominates the frame at the MAXXI museum in Rome. Seriously, don’t touch! (AFP Photo/Gabriel Bouys)