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Ten best culture images in 2013

  • Raising the barre

    Dancers from the Deborah Colker Dance Company of Brazil perform at the 7th edition of the International Ballet Festival in Cali, Colombia. Companies from Italy, Holland, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Germany, United States, Cuba, Brazil and Colombia are taking part in the event. (Photo: Luis Robayoulis/AFP)

  • Fanfare

    Policemen dance with fans during a vast performance to mark the opening ceremony of the 12th Chinese National Games at the Olympic Sports Centre in Shenyang, Liaoning province. (Photo: Reuters)

  • Night rider

    A horse and rider Elise Verdoncq make a splash during a performance of Cavalia’s show Odysseo in Massachusetts. (Photo: Reuters)

  • Undressed rehearsal

    A dancer performs during the rehearsal of Körper directed by German choreographer Sasha Waltz at the Marseille Dance Festival. (Photo: Boris Horvatboris/AFP Photo/Getty Images)

  • Dutch courage

    A model presents a creation by MarryMe-JimmyPaul during the 19th Amsterdam Fashion Week. (Photo: EPA/Koen van Weel)

  • Under my umbrella

    An art installation named United 65 by Singaporean artist Ryf Zaini features 100 red umbrellas, each containing a secret symbol which viewers are to decipher. (Photo: Reuters)

  • Light fantastic

    A model displays a spectacular luminous dress by the Ukrainian fashion designer Zalevskiy during the Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev. (Photo: Sergei Supinsky/AFP/Getty Images)

  • Seeing red

    Fireworks explode above St Basil's cathedral during the Spasskaya Tower international military and music Festival in Red Square in Moscow. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

  • Candles in the wind

    The organizers of the Festival of Lights in Halle, Germany aim to break the Guinness World Record for the most tea-light candles used to form a heart pattern. The construction consists of more than 12,000. (Photo: AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

  • Mirror, mirror

    Performance artist Johanna Roggan contorts inside a completely mirrored box installation, called EmotiCam, to promote the 17th Cynetart Festival, an event showcasing new media art involving more than 70 international artists, in Dresden, Germany. (Outarno Burgi/AFP/Getty Images)