Catherine Keener on war journalism – and Brad Pitt

The Oscar-nominated actress talks to Tom Brook about her latest role as a photographer documenting combat, which marks her 15th appearance at Sundance.

Catherine Keener – nominated for Academy Awards for her roles in Being John Malkovich and Capote – first came to the Sundance Film Festival in 1991 with the film Johnny Suede. She remembers how she and co-star Brad Pitt felt back then: “We were just silly, we thought: ‘Look where we are, this is amazing, maybe we’ll see Robert Redford.’”

More than two decades on, the actress is appearing in War Story, a film from Without director Mark Jackson. Keener plays a photographer traumatised by an event in Libya; she spent a month following Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Rick Loomis at the LA Times in preparation for the role.

Keener shares her views on accusations of a liberal bias at Sundance, laughingly revealing: “I’m related to Conservatives, and they’re great. We just argue.” Tom Brook reports.

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