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Can you do better than these Museum selfies?

  • Mona Lisa smile

    It’s #MuseumSelfie day: here are a few of the best we’ve seen so far. Can you do better? Tweet us at @BBC_Culture with the hashtag #MuseumSelfie.

    Louvre (alexsmm): “Morning! :) Today is the Museum Selfie Day!!!#museumselfie #Louvre #Paris #inspiredby #travel”

  • Strike a pose

    Museum of Fine Arts Boston (@mfaboston): A selfie with a fine eye for composition.

  • Spot the difference

    Art Institute of Chicago (@artinstitutechi): American Gothic selfie

  • Me, myself and I

    UCL Museums (@clairey_ross): “Me & my 3D printed head. #MuseumSelfie from the Octagon @UCLMuseums”

  • Watch sparks fly

    Royal Institution (@ri_science): Selfie with Michael Faraday

  • All Greek to her

    British Museum (@_hannahsiobhan): “It’s #MuseumSelfie day, so here is a picture of me with Alexander the Great at the @britishmuseum!”

  • Cone head

    Royal Observatory, Greenwich (@brendan_owens): “The line from my head points to the north celestial pole courtesy of our planetarium cone! #MuseumSelfie”

  • I am the walrus

    Horniman Museum (@HornimanWalrus): “As the original inspiration for #MuseumSelfie day, I feel it quite proper that I ought to share my own selfie again.”

  • Mirror on the ceiling

    Grant Museum of Zoology (@vicky_pearce): “The classic #MuseumSelfie in the Micrarium Mirror @GrantMuseum – must be hundreds if these!”

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