Oscar Tusquets Blanca’s latest creation is a tribute to the painter Salvador Dalí. Inspired by the Surrealist artist’s 1942 painting Interpretation Project for a Stable-Library, which features a lamb with a telephone balanced on its spine and a drawer in its side, the Spanish designer has created 20 side tables each worth $50,000 (with a black piece selling for $98,000).

Using the taxidermist Maison Deyrolle, where Dalí was a customer during his lifetime, Tusquets Blanca attached circular trays onto the backs of lambs chosen from a Parisian slaughterhouse, replacing their hooves with rococo bronze feet. They are currently on display at the Setba Foundation in Barcelona.

The designer started the Dalí Furniture Collection in 1972, when he created a sofa in the shape of lips with the artist for the Mae West room at the Dalí Museum in Figueres (it was based on Dalí’s 1937 Mae West Lips sofa).

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