Michel Gondry: Music videos and Noam Chomsky

Just as his new Metronomy video is unveiled, Michel Gondry shows his latest film at Berlin – an animated interview with philosopher Noam Chomsky.

“The world is a very puzzling place: if you’re not willing to be puzzled, you just become a replica of someone else’s mind.” So says American philosopher Noam Chomsky in an animated documentary showing at the Berlin Film Festival.

It’s the vision of Michel Gondry, who made his name directing music videos for acts including Bjork, Daft Punk and Beck – and who won an Oscar for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Gondry’s latest music video for UK band Metronomy has also just been unveiled: accompanying the title track from their new album Love Letters, it bears his signature hand-painted sets and long takes.

In Berlin, BBC Culture spoke to the French film-maker about what drew him to Chomsky and what the 85-year-old intellectual made of Is The Man Who is Tall Happy?, which took its name from his 1957 book Syntactic Structures.

Watch Gondry’s Metronomy video here:

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