Can Indian film do well in a global market?

The national movie industry is looking at ways of communicating with a wider audience – but it risks excluding some groups in the process. Tom Brook reports

“You have motorcycle companies, which are selling motorcycles internationally. You have Hyundai, which has the second or third largest plant here,” says Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan. “But somehow, for films, we still don’t have that belief that this is an industry which can go international.”

The country’s growing middle class is reshaping India’s film industry:  a growing number of cinema screens is boosting studios. But can it serve a global audience?

Tom Brook visits post-production facilities that serve as a back-room operation for Hollywood as well as for Indian cinema, and interviews key figures within the industry, including director Hansal Mehta.

He also asks whether some groups are being left out by the restructuring of Bollywood. “Often they’re not relating very well to people who are not a part of the middle class or who do not have access to theaters,” says screenwriter Jaideep Sahni.

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