Oscars ceremony: TV highlight or tired format?

If you can look up the results the next day, is there any point in sitting through the entire extravaganza? Tom Brook reports.

It’s one of the highest rated programmes on American TV, but has the Oscars ceremony lost its sparkle?

Industry experts believe the producers of the Academy Awards show have been saddled with a tired format.

“This format – the Academy came up with in 1953, and it really hasn’t changed much,” says Tim Gray, awards editor at Variety. “You get in one place, you put all the cameras there, and you get people on stage.”

New shows like the 2013 YouTube Music Awards, directed by Spike Jonze, are providing alternatives to the traditional awards show. Can the Academy afford to be complacent?

Tom Brook talks to an Academy member and a film critic to find out what insiders think can be done.

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