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Tokyo Fashion Week, a fish on a bike and tattoo music

  • A fish needs a bicycle

    Fine art photographer Kylli Sparre trained as a ballet dancer – her carefully composed images refer to that background, depicting surreal scenes with striking poses. This photo – called Rescue Operation – was announced as a winner of the Sony World Photography Awards this week. It took months to complete; Sparre says that moving the full fishbowl into place was no easy feat. (Photo: Kylli Sparre/ Sony World Photography Awards)

  • Keeping score

    Moscow media artist Dmitry Morozov unveiled his latest instrument this week. The 'tattoo scanning system' uses sensors to play patterns inked on flesh. It is the latest in a series of ‘circuit bent’ DIY devices and installations that create distorted electronic sounds, including a maze of plumbing pipes and a solar-powered kit that he used to record an album in the middle of the Judean desert. (Photo: vtol)

  • Flume not fumes

    The creator of the Sky Orchestra – which plays ambient music at dawn and dusk from a flotilla of seven hot air balloons – just announced plans for a new urban art project. Luke Jerram wants to build a 90m water slide in the centre of Bristol in south-west England, making use of the city’s hills to create a new mode of transport. The UK-based artist has a history of creating playful interventions: his Street Pianos project has now been installed in 43 cities around the world. (Courtesy of Luke Jerram)

  • Musical with bite

    Polish-French director Roman Polanski poses in a coffin at the announcement of a new stage production of his 1967 movie The Fearless Vampire Killers, the story of a professor and his assistant who infiltrate a castle of vampires. The musical – called Dance of the Vampires – premiered in Vienna in 1997 and will open in Paris this October. The original film starred Polanski alongside Sharon Tate, the director’s wife who was killed by the Manson family in 1969. (Photo: Reuters/Jacky Naegelen)

  • Real in Rio

    After shows in Paris and Buenos Aires, Australian sculptor Ron Mueck has a new exhibition in Brazil. The former puppet-maker began making sculptures in 1996, making his name with a piece called Dead Dad at the 1997 Sensation show at London’s Royal Academy. He creates hyperreal figures that play with scale, showing the human body in its tiniest detail to unsettling effect. (Photo: Yasuyoshi Chibayasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images)

  • All about the money

    Riding a giant hot dog, cavorting with a 20-ft-high inflatable wolf and avoiding bras and watches thrown onstage, singer Miley Cyrus performed in Houston, Texas on her Bangerz Tour this week. Singing hits including We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball, she squeezed in a few songs by her godmother Dolly Parton as well as covers of Bob Dylan and Coldplay. (Photo: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

  • In the blink of an eye

    Mired in controversy over a sponsorship deal, which led to the chairman’s resignation, the 19th Sydney Biennale is now under way. This piece by Douglas Gordon features a giant eye opening and closing with the soundtrack by the singer Rufus Wainwright. For his 1993 work 24 Hour Psycho, Gordon slowed down Hitchcock’s iconic film so that it ran over the course of a day and night. (Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

  • Flying nun

    Indonesian fashion designer Windri Widiesta revealed a new collection at Tokyo Fashion Week. Heading one of two Indonesian labels showing as part of a Jakarta Fashion Week initiative, Widiesta aims to create stylish attire for Muslim women. Each look featured a head scarf, including a number of wraparound styles and some referencing traditional Dutch hats. (Photo: Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images)

  • Power shower

    Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood takes a shower in public for animal rights group Peta, as part of a campaign to link the amount of water used by the meat industry with the world’s water crisis. In a Q&A to accompany the video – launched ahead of World Water Day on 22 March – the 72-year-old says that she usually shares bath water with her husband, Andreas: "I just wash my bits and rush out in the morning”. (Photo: Peta)