Felicity Jones: The secret star of Spider-Man 2?

British actress Felicity Jones has played the mistress of Charles Dickens – and is now appearing in a new superhero blockbuster. Tom Brook reports.

“It’s nice playing someone who maybe morally isn’t always acting in the best way.” Felicity Jones has made her name playing ambiguous characters in low-budget indies like Breathe In and Like Crazy, for which she won a Sundance award.

But she might be about to become a Hollywood name.  The 30-year-old British actress is appearing in upcoming blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – although her role has been kept under wraps.

In an interview for the 2013 movie The Invisible Woman – in which she starred alongside Ralph Fiennes as Charles Dickens’s secret lover – Jones revealed she would be wearing a costume in the superhero sequel, leading to suggestions she might be appearing as the Black Cat.

Jones talks to Tom Brook about keeping her role a secret, as well as playing roles with a darker edge.

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