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Face-kini craze plus nine amazing pictures

  • Bottoms Up

    Brantley Gilbert performs Bottoms Up during the 2014 CMT Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. Other performers in the show included John Legend, Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum, while Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan were awarded Performance of the Year for Oh No/All Night Long at the 2013 CMT Artist of the Year telecast. (Reuters/Harrison McClary)

  • Ships in the night

    An industrial shipyard in Croatia has been transformed into a work of art by architectural lighting designer Dean Skira. For his installation Lighting Giants, Skira arranged spotlights to create a light performance synchronised to music that turns eight cranes into colourful folded origami. He cameup with the idea in 2000 when he heard the town of Pula was considering relocating the shipyard, but it has taken since then to collect enough funding and gain the support of authorities. (Dean Skira)

  • Ear today

    A copy of Vincent van Gogh's ear grown using genetic material from one of the Dutch artist's relatives has gone on display at a German museum. Cells from the great-great-grandson of Vincent's brother Theo were shaped using a 3D printer to create a replica of the ear Van Gogh is said to have cut off in 1888. The exhibit by artist Diemut Strebe is on display at the Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. (AFP Photo/Thomas Kienzle)

  • Shiver me timbers

    Antarctica is the first continent ever to be represented at the Venice Architecture Biennale. For its debut, international architects and artists have explored present and future models of living in the south polar region. From an ‘Arctic poppy orangery’ (pictured) to the British Antarctic Survey’s Halley VI Research Station, they offer a blueprint for hlife in one of the remotest regions of the globe. (Alexey Kozyr)

  • Sun, sea – and face masks

    The ‘face-kini’ craze took off in the summer of 2012, with newspapers reporting on the balaclava-style sun protection donned by bathers in eastern China. Now photographer Peng Yangjun has captured the trend in vivid portraits for his Beach project. (Peng Yangjun)

  • Portraits with pores

    A monumental painting by Swiss artist Franz Gertsch is on show at the Abattoirs Museum in Toulouse, southern France, as part of the city’s International Art Festival. Known for his large format hyperrealistic portraits, Gertsch created a series of paintings of the singer Patti Smith in the 1970s that has been shown around the world. (Remy Gabalda/AFP/Getty Images)

  • Spotting talent

    Models walk the runway wearing designs by Maxim Sokolov from Saint Petersburg State University of Technology and Design during the International Catwalk Competition show as part of the UK’s Graduate Fashion Week 2014. Held at The Old Truman Brewery in London, the event reveals talent to spot by showcasing the work of over 1,000 graduates from the most influential and inspiring UK and international universities. (Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

  • Illuminated manuscripts

    Spanish artist activists Luzinterruptus have fused LED lights into 10,000 books thrown out by public libraries for the Light in Winter festival in Melbourne. The anonymous group – which conducts outdoor light interventions aimed at highlighting urban problems – has previously memorialised a public swimming pool demolished by authorities with a rectangle of illuminated plastic containers filled with water. (Luzinterruptus)