John Lennon: The night he died

What happened on 8 December 1980? Tom Brook – who reported from the Dakota building that night – looks at a new film tackling the events as they unfolded.

He wrote one of the most iconic songs about peace – and was shot dead outside his apartment building. John Lennon is the subject of a new feature film tracking the events that followed the shooting on 8 December 1980.

“We’re presenting the case of what happened, and the reality is that anybody in this country can go get a gun essentially any time they want,” says the film’s director Jeremy Profe. “That’s a fact of American life – it’s a fact of our constitution and our constitutional rights and it’s an important discourse for us to have.”

The Lennon Report will be released on the 35th anniversary of the former Beatle’s death, and follows other films like The Killing of John Lennon that also covered his murder. Is it a cynical attempt to cash in on the shooting or a chance to offer original insight? Tom Brook reports.

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