Gaye Su Akyol: The sound of East meets West

Turkey’s Black Sea Coast has become a melting pot for the arts. Nikki Bedi meets a musician who combines distinctive Turkish and Western sounds.

An ultra-cool beach on the Black Sea Coast is where artists, musicians and all kinds of creative people meet. It is a launch pad for what many hope will eventually be a larger music scene in Turkey. One such artist is Gaye Su Akyol, a painter turned singer-songwriter who has recently released her debut album Develerle Yasiyorum.

She artfully mixes Western rock and indie music with a very distinctive Turkish sound and gives Nikki an exclusive performance of the song Abbas from her album.

“My style is a bit like old Turkish singing. It is a rich, expressive style,” says Su Akyol. “My music is something new in Turkey and also in the world because it is a mixture of styles.”

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