Ethiopian hipster style

Photographer Alex Franco has documented the fashion-conscious tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. He tells BBC World Service about their distinctive look.

Wearing T-shirts emblazoned with ‘Coca Cola’ and ‘Obama’ and mixing hairclips with traditional tribal beads in their hair, the men and women of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley might appear to flaunt their style in the same way as urban hipsters. Yet this is a look unmediated by social media.

Spanish-born photographer Alex Franco has documented the striking fashions adopted by the valley’s tribes in his Eastern Ways project. “Wherever you look, you’ll see an amazing pose; you’ll see an amazing look,” he says. “It’s an incredible sense of style… of mixing colours.”

Franco believes they are free of some of the cultural pressures exerted in the West. “They are not bombarded with information like we are – with the internet, with magazines, with books.”

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