Lauren Child – author, illustrator and creator of Charlie and Lola – has a secret passion: dolls’ houses. She has been working on her own dolls’ house for the past 30 years and her lifelong obsession continues to inspire her and shape her work.

Lauren visits the exhibition Small Stories: At Home in a Dolls’ House to take a look at one of the stars of the show: the Tate Baby House. This replica of a Georgian mansion was made in England in about 1760 and passed down through the generations of a wealthy family, who added their own furnishings and redecorated its rooms over the years – just as would happen in a grand old house.

The exhibition’s curator Alison Sage describes it as “a collage almost of different memories, different associations… Just because something doesn’t quite fit it doesn’t mean doesn’t have a special place in this house.”

Secret Knowledge: The Private Life of a Dolls’ House airs on BBC World News on 20-21 June.

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