Is Daniel Craig’s Bond ‘tired’ and ‘dull’?

Reviews of Spectre from around the world have been mixed. Several UK critics loved it, while one US critic called it “the worst Bond film in 30 years”. Who’s right?

Spectre is poised to rake in a sum at the worldwide box office that would make Auric Goldfinger jealous. But after Skyfall was met with universal acclaim in 2012, it may come as shocking – positively shocking – that its follow-up has been met with a more muted response from critics. The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph both awarded Spectre five stars, but critics outside the UK have been less kind. One leading Brazilian website, Omelette, called Craig’s Bond ‘tired’ and ‘dull’ – and some critics have been even harsher.

For Talking Movies, Christian Blauvelt reports on how the movie has been received around the world.

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