Indonesia has more people engaged daily on social media than any other nation in South East Asia. This vast archipelago, made up of thousands of volcanic islands and hundreds of different ethnic groups is geographically and culturally diffuse, but connected by Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Comedy, parody and satire are very popular. ​Cameo Project​ and the brothers behind ​Skinnyindonesian24, Andovi da Lopez and Jovial da Lopez​, are well known in Indonesia. They make funny videos as a means to engage the Indonesian public to think more critically. Covering topics from gender stereotypes to political elections, their offbeat content in bite-size form resonates with a large audience.

Rather than just promoting their own views and agenda, Cameo Project and Skinnyindonesian24 are motivating people to create their own videos or content about their hopes and dreams of Indonesia.

Conductor Jason Lai discovers these stories and more when he goes in search of the heart of Indonesia.

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