Should you go see Spider-Man: Homecoming?

The latest film in the Marvel universe stars Tom Holland as the boy bitten by a radioactive spider. Is it worth a look? Watch Nicholas Barber’s review in the video above.

Spider-Man: Homecoming sees fresh-faced young British actor Tom Holland play a squeaky-voiced, geekily enthusiastic teenager who has to contend with the trials and tribulations of high-school life as well as the gadgets and gizmos involved with being a superhero.

But these challenges are nothing compared with the baddie of the piece: The Vulture, a discontented blue-collar worker turned killer with robotic wings, played by Michael Keaton. For our reviewer, he’s “one of the best baddies in the Marvel rogues’ gallery.”

Watch Nicholas Barber’s snapshot review in the video above, or read his longer review here.

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