Arthouse movie star Charlotte Rampling talks about her life

The acclaimed actress Charlotte Rampling talks to BBC Culture about her childhood, the swinging ‘60s, her edgy film roles, and her book, Who I Am

“I’ve always liked danger. I like risk, otherwise I tend not to do things as it’s too easy.”

Acclaimed British actress Charlotte Rampling has never shied away from challenging roles, having appeared in The Night Porter and 45 Years, along with numerous other arthouse films, acting in three languages, English, French and Italian.   

Now she has taken on a new challenge, and has co-written (with Christophe Bataille) a memoir, Who I Am, that tells the story of her childhood, her adolescence, and the loss of her beloved sister, Sarah. She spoke to BBC Culture at the Hay Festival about why she chose to write about “the years that actually make you into who you are.”

Elsewhere, she comments on life in the swinging ‘60s, being the muse of celebrated photographers and directors, and what acting means to her. “I’ve found in acting a way to live my life. . . I live my life through my films.”

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