The street art flourishing in Bangkok

Once rejected, street art is now appearing throughout the city, communicating Thai humour, beauty and social issues to its people. Jason Lai takes a closer look.

Underground – and specifically street art – has emerged in Bangkok as a new and vibrant way for artists to share creativity that often contains social or humorous messages.

Alex Face is a prominent street artist whose signature is the ‘baby face’, which was inspired by his daughter as a new-born. Face uses the baby-face symbol as a way of communicating messages about the future.

“I want to represent humans’ next generation. I make them look worried – they worry about the future”, Face explains to Jason Lai.

Street art is moving from the underground to the mainstream in Bangkok, which has just hosted its first street art festival. But not everyone is convinced.

“There is still this image of coarse work, and art work done by uncommitted artists”, explains Fawalai Sirisomphol, an emerging street artist. “For me, I want to do my best so people will understand that street art is beautiful.”

Jason Lai is a musician and conductor with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra who is exploring the arts and culture of Thailand for this series on BBC World News.

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