Mike Leigh on film-making: ‘It’s a journey of discovery’

In the latest of The Art of Directing series, the legendary British director Mike Leigh describes his unique approach on the set of his latest film, Peterloo.

With Secrets and Lies, Vera Drake and Mr Turner among the films in his back catalogue, Mike Leigh has become one of Britain’s best-loved and most internationally renowned directors.

Leigh is well known for his collaborative working process, which involves actors at the earliest stage of the film’s production. In this clip, he explains why he asks actors to think about people they know in real life to help form fictional characters, improvising and rehearsing for several weeks before shooting begins.

“If you’re talking about getting to the emotional core of things, then I think you have to dig deep, and then distill it and organise it and then let it fly,” he says. Watch the video above to find out more.

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