How a vertical village can bring a community together

The high-rise kampong is on the up. Watch the video to see how a new project could be the way forward for housing.

In a bid to create a more neighbourly environment, urban planners in Singapore are introducing an ambitious project that re-creates elements of the traditional village or kampong.

Traditional kampong life is being re-imagined. “In the 21st Century, we’re renewing it and regenerating it,” says Chong Fook Loong, of the Housing and Development Board.

The Dawson estate is an example of a ‘vertical kampong.’ The project features ‘sky gardens’ and ‘sky terraces’, communal areas where residents can meet and chat. Centres for seniors and childcare are placed adjacent to each other, and the focus is on keeping multi-generational families close. Watch the video to see what life is like in a vertical village.

Video by Pamela Parker

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