Dubai Design Week is a lively event showcasing the latest interiors products to reach the Gulf. But when you enter the space devoted to the lighting installation by Emirati product designer Khalid Shafar, you are immediately plunged into quiet and darkness.

On the front wall, a two-metre-wide disc starts to glow and throb with a rainbow of colours from pale yellow to deep orange and then on to bright blue. This show-stopping piece straddles art and design, and makes a statement right from the start – you just can't take your eyes off it.

The installation is named Silent Call, though the aim, Khalid explains, is temporal, universal and not specifically religious. "As the name suggests, this isn't something that you hear – but it can fulfill the same function as the call to prayer," he says.

The installation is a unique collaboration between the Emirati designer, a glass company in the Czech Republic and a group of computer programmers. "Just by changing the software you can mark significant moments during the day," explains Khalid. Watch the video to find out more.

Video by Sylvia Smith

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