The wild doodles that become buildings

The Seoul-based architect Moon Hoon says his designs are ‘the complete antithesis to what architecture is about’ and finds inspiration from everything around him.

Moon Hoon is inspired by a lot of things. In fact he is inspired by everything, from his love of robots and space ships to the Chueotang (fish soup) he might eat for lunch.

The Seoul-based architect says his designs are centred around the stories of his clients and as a result they are unique, creative and literal. If a client likes fast cars, he will create a cockpit-like room in his building.  If they like a certain movie, you can guarantee there will be some element from the film incorporated into the design.

Moon Hoon sees no boundaries – he says that while there’s a place for serious, functional architecture, it is also important to have variety in the country’s buildings. “Like if you go under the sea” he says, “you see so many colours and so many strange animals. Do you think anybody actually says that one is more better than the other? They exist even though they look ugly or good or bad.”

Watch the video above to find out more.

Filmed by Kwon Moon.

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