Iram Haq: ‘I was kidnapped by my own parents’

Her father found a boy in her room, then sent her to Pakistan against her will. Iram Haq turned these memories into a new film, reports Christian Blauvelt.

It’s not a direct account of everything that happened to her when she was a teenager, but What Will People Say? is, in part, based on director Iram Haq’s own experiences. She was taken by her parents from the country in which she was raised, Norway, and transported to Pakistan from where her parents had emigrated.

The story Haq presents is one of the very real struggle that immigrants face in new countries with different customs. The dramatisation was a challenge, because the film had to convey the fear and distress she experienced (the character loosely based on her is named Nisha) without playing into Islamophobia or anti-immigrant sentiment.

Click the play button above to start the video and hear more about the film, Haq’s own story and what her father had to say to her when she presented the idea of this film to him. 

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