BBC Culture

Three-part series in which Andrew Graham-Dixon explores German art, examining the country's unique national style and 500-year cultural legacy

Guest presenters go in-depth on the arts and culture and show how they shape our lives

Nikki Bedi goes in search of the creativity in Turkey's vibrant arts scene.

Andrew Graham-Dixon tours the low countries, exploring how history has influenced the area's art, architecture and culture.

Talking Books is an in-depth interview programme with international bestselling authors from around the globe.

Talking Movies is BBC World News' flagship cinema review and magazine show. In a monthly programme, presenter Tom Brook presents all the latest news and reviews from the world of cinema.

Talking TV, developed in partnership between BBC Culture and BBC World News, has Tom Brook take a look at the latest developments in the world of television.

The BBC's art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon and his team of experts present the Culture Show.

Intimate, observational portraits of leading artists, revealing unique insights into their working lives and creative process

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